Collaboration – Let’s work together
Initiation – We’ll come to you

Inclusion – What do you think?

Cooperation – Together we can win

Service – We’re here to help you

Development – We want to add value to you

Encouragement – We believe you can do this

Innovation – Let’s think outside the box


Who We Are

KOYA AND KUTI SOLICITORSKOYA & KUTI SOLICITORS specializes in providing a full range of efficient and affordable legal services to both local and international private and corporate clients. The areas of service include Capital Market, Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Project & Trade Finance, Real Estate, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Government Relations Consulting and Intellectual Property amongst others.

We also have extensive knowledge of the Nigerian business environment and are therefore able to provide Clients with current and relevant information in respect of their personal and business interests in Nigeria.

The Partners in the Firm are members of the International Bar Association (“IBA”), the Nigerian Bar Association (“NBA”) and the Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioners Association of Nigeria (“BRIPAN”). The Firm is registered with the Nigerian – South African Chamber of Commerce and the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as Capital Market Solicitors. The Firm is also a Member of the International Business Law Consortium, an International Alliance of Law Firms as well as a member of the International Chambers of Commerce. READ MORE